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The benefits of distant Reiki healing

❤ Amazing for introverts you can use your PJs and prepare your space the way you like the most to experience deep relaxation and healing.

❤ Can help de-trigger a trauma response (anxiety, panic, etc)

❤ Balance your mind body spirit in the comfort of your home.

It can help you relax easier as you will be in an environment that you are used to.

❤ If you need to cry or release any stagnant emotion during the healing, it can be easier to do so without feeling self-conscious.

❤ The effect of distant and

healing are the same sometimes it can be more powerful doing distant healing for introverts, or someone who suffers from anxiety, being at home can help you as a recipient to feel safe, comfortable and more open to the healing energies.

Did you ever try distant healing? 😀

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