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What can you expect after an Angelic Reiki healing?

Updated: Feb 19

Each healing experience is unique, but there are common occurrences that tend to happen. Here are some of them:

  1. Lucid and Vivid Dreams: These dreams often contain information or messages related to the healing. Angelic Reiki practitioners often work with subconscious information, so the brain processes this during sleep, resulting in vivid dreams.

  2. Enhanced Intuition and Feelings of Connectivity and Peace: One of the most cherished outcomes of Angelic Reiki healing is the heightened sense of connection to a higher source. After a session, the chakras remain open for about 28 days (the detox period), allowing the angels to continue their work. This often leads to spiritual gifts becoming more prominent.

  3. Healing Crisis: During the detox period, which follows a healing session, some individuals may experience symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, or even cold-like symptoms. This is particularly common when working on clearing karma or past life issues. These symptoms typically subside with plenty of water and rest. I like to liken this process to a massage: just as a massage can release toxins that may cause headaches if not flushed out with water, energy work can release blocked energy, which the body needs to process and eliminate. As the energy blockages are removed, the body may exhibit temporary symptoms before feeling the benefits of the healing

  4. Clarity and Direction: Usually, in the days following a healing, individuals can feel like things start to make sense. It's like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle, leading to a sense of clarity and direction.

In conclusion, Angelic Reiki healing can lead to a variety of experiences, each deeply personal and profound. From lucid dreams that offer guidance to a renewed sense of peace and connectivity, the effects can be transformative. It's important to remember that healing is a process, and sometimes, symptoms may arise before clarity is achieved. Ultimately, Angelic Reiki offers not just healing but also a pathway to understanding oneself and the universe more deeply.

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