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Pranati Ankalkote Vaikar

Lovely Giuliana performed distant reiki for me and honestly I felt so relaxed and calm instantly after. She shared some visuals with me which connected right through me. The entire process was really wonderful. I think everyone should try the Reiki Session with her it really helps to connect with you’re inner self.

Thanks hun for such a lovely experience. You’re amazing 😍😘 lots of love💕


Daniela Pavez

Giuliana is a talented healer with a beautiful gift that I was blessed enough to received. She performed a distant Angelical Reiki session followed by a tarot reading. As a Reiki practitioner, I am used to energy works and to my delight, I had a powerful healing experience with Giuliana. I literally felt floating in an ocean of loving waves during the whole session. The connection between me and her felt like a soothing flow, yet powerful. This was confirmed when she offered me her visions and impression from the session. The tarot reading came then as a perfect complement to get more insights about the healing that I received. She is highly intuitive and can communicate her thoughts very clear. I definitely got more clarity after the session, and even two hours later I am still "high on reiki." I would recommend Giuliana's work to anyone who needs a bit more of calm, clarity and love in their lives. From the very beginning, she will guide you and help you to set the right space for you to heal. I felt so safe and comfortable, because she did everything (and more) to offer me that space. Thank you very much Giuliana!


Pao Saavedra Ruiz

I can’t thank enough that you came to my life when I needed the most.
Giuliana has a beautiful energy and from day 1 she was extremely kind to me and gave me a few tips to feel better. As a sensitive person it’s hard for me to trust people, but I could feel she was honest and pure soul 🙌🏻 

I had a distance angelic reiki healing session and a tarot reading, what a beautiful experience! I was extremely stressed because of work and personal life and it was incredible how peaceful I felt after the healing.

She explained everything she saw step by step and how my angels needed to heal different parts of my body and chakras .. this resonated a lot.
It’s hard to explain in words how relieved I was after the session. Now I have more clarity, everything make so much sense and gave me the strength to start walking the right path, also she kindly spent extra time helping me with information, videos and advices that I will follow 100%

I truly believe that she has a special gift that needs to be shared with more people 💖 I’m looking forward to continue my healing process with Giuliana and I know my angels put her on my way for a beautiful reason 💜💜🦋 thank you very much !


Lo Re To

I had the opportunity to try the angelical reiki healing and tarot reading with Giuliana. This was my first experience and I didn't know what to expect, but the only word I could now use to describe it is mindblowing.
I'm not someone religious but more spiritual and this resonated with me in a way I never imagined.
I am so grateful I was able to try this with Giuliana since she explained everything to me and made me feel at ease from the very beginning.
This is definitely something I will add to my personal and spiritual development since it was absolutely enlighting.
Thank you, Giuliana for being the conduit for these beautiful energies to be part of my life.

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I have received angelic reiki from Giuliana many times.
Each experience was unique and special. I always received therapies by distance and they were all really powerful and healing. Before the session we always have a little talk to settle the healing intentions, and after the session she tells you the messages and things she could perceive during the therapy. Tarot card readings at the end of the session are a very good complement to clarify the outcomes. Thank you Giuli! 💜


Javiera Contreras

Como compartir esta experiencia son tantas cosas que se me vienen a la cabeza al corazón que no se por donde empezar, conocí a Giuliana por cosa de nuestros ángeles ayer viví una de las experiencias más hermosa que pueda existir una conexión única, mágica, mística, incomparable. Honestamente no sabía de qué se trataba Giuliana hizo que todo fluyera que todo se conectará de una manera divina asombrosa. Todo aquel que esté conectado con este lado espiritual necesita vivir y tener una experiencia como esta y no me cabe duda que tu Giuliana viniste a eso a entregar tu sabiduría y compartirla con todos nosotros 🙏 infinitas gracias. 🌞🌜🌘


Guillermina del Corral

My first experience with angelical reiki followed by tarot, has been an amazing journey. Oh wow just incredible 💛!!
I didn't know what to expect. Didn't read anything about it, unless for the instructions given by Giuliana before our session.
The reiki felt intense at the beginning with a sensation of lighter weight/ calm at the end. Her words/visions after, showed me how connected we were. The reading of the tarot to complete the session, just the perfect complement. Explained with patience and words filled with love.
Giuliana's patience, kind words and advises made this experience a really nice one.
I highly recommend it. I would not hesitate to choose her for my next one.
Thank you so much 💛😊. I think I've said this after my session a 100 times 😉


Jaqueline Benndorf

Dear Giuliana,
As you know, I am a difficult customer <3 as I have years of experience in energy work. When you offered me an Angelic Reiki session I jumped at the opportunity to receive this gift without any expectations. The idea of Reiki and Tarot was also really attractive. My body is very familiar with responding to energy work. You in Auckland, me on the Kapiti Coast. I relaxed into our session and within minutes my body started shaking (which it does when energy flows through it). This happened a couple of times. My observer part was watching the process and taking notes.I had a general sense of wellbeing and that things had 'moved'. I stayed in a place of integration as the session finished and found your feedback really helpful. It was 80% accurate which in my books, is high! To have it confirmed with the tarot card reading was really nice (also because the reading was lovely). I certainly feel you have a gift for doing this and will not hesitate recommending you to people I know. Have a fabulous time on this journey. Thank you again. Jaqueline 


Gonzalo Diaz

I had the privilege of experimenting the angelic reiki the which was unbelievably relaxing and super energetic at the same time, i felt the energy flowing through my body and made me feel super comfortable. Giuliana has a great connection with the cards as well. I highly recommend this experience! 👌 is all about healing and spiritual connection, simply awesome. 😁 please keep on doing this!! you're doing a beautiful job!


Izabella Leach

After having my session of Reiki I felt full of love and light, I felt very grounded. All my worries, stress and anxiety had gone away. Giuliana is amazing at what she does and gave me advice I needed to help heal myself, I also experienced astral projection from feeling so open. I can’t believe this was possible for me also.

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Amazing experience! I cant recommend Giuliana enough. She definitely goes the extra mile to guide you and support you during during the whole process. I had a couple of angelical reiki sessions and they have been life changing. Giuliana's dedication and love for what she does is present at every step of the way. She delivers an exceptional guidance before, during and after the sessions. She makes sure that you understand what the healing experience is about and  give you tools and strategies o help you heal and achieve your intentions even after the sessions have finished. Thank you for everything you have done for me Giuliana! Forever grateful 🙏 Monica

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Karina Carla

Es la primera vez que vivo una experiencia de tarot y reiki. No tenía idea de como funciona Y realmente fue algo increíble! Fue muy sanador y el hecho de conectarse con los angeles me llenaba de intriga.
Me senti muy identificada con los mensajes que me dejaron.
Me emocionó el momento del reiki, había algo en mi q se sentía muy conectada. Senti mucha paz y termine muy liviana.
La voz de guiliana es muy cálida y suave, lo que hace que la experiencia sea más completa y hermosa.
Muchas gracias por esta experiencia!! 🌻

Buddha Statue

Giuliana is an amazing practitioner. My experience with her was out of this world . The session was so empowering and relaxing at the same time and I have taken so much out of it, that is simply too good to be true. She helped me connect with my inner self and open up to a whole new world of possibilities. I am still enjoying the benefits of this encounter. Highly recommend booking a session with her

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Alexis Verdugo

Giuliana was referred to me by a friend, from which I've waited long enough until I've felt the need to give it a try. My experience with Giuliana was great. She explained to me how the session was going to be organised and all the information full of detail. I could feel her dedication and interest to help me since the very beginning. During the therapy I've experience a trip of consciousness extremely powerful to the point to see things, I've felt physical sensations and helpers around me 😊 I was very open to receive anything to help me to expand myself and give the opportunity to be a channel of expansion. During the feedback section I was surprised by the level of coincidences of what I've seen compared to Giu's feedback. I'm really greatful to find an experience like this. When life tells and guides you to find yourself, just follow the call. I'd recommend Giuliana for sure, and you (reading this feedback); if you feel like you want to give yourself a gift, I'd say try it with no hesitation. Thank you for your feedback and post therapy follow-ups. We're all in the process to heal ourselves. If you heal, I and everyone else heal as well. xoxo Ale

Wild Flowers

I want to recommend Giu 100% because thank to her my life has literally changed favorably. After going through a very toxic relationship and going through extreme and very painful situations, I met Giu through a recommendation and I can truly say that her healings made me a totally renewed person, enterprising, independent, happy, at peace and above all that I learned to develop my self love. 💗 I have always heard about reiki but the angelic reiki that Giu uses really developed my intuition to the fullest and taught me to listen to myself and to have direct communication with the universe. It’s really amazing!!!! My friends and family cannot believe the change in me and I really wish that every person who goes through a hard situation, that they can have the opportunity to know this healing experience ❤️‍🩹 Thank you Giu for the immense contribution you made in my life to be the person that I am today. and for showing me this wonderful path. A lot of love! Betiana

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Camila Highet

Amazing experience! Giuliana was super good explaining the healing and communicating before and after the session. The reiki felt incredible, my body floated for a little while and then sank into my mattress, the most relaxing and nice feeling. The tarot reading was great, Giuliana was super dedicated and you can tell she puts a lot of time and effort for you. Thank you so much!

Flower in Sunlight

Giu Angelic Reiki sessions are phenomenal, her guidance warmth and heart-energy! She also gave me tools I can apply to work with my energy on my own. Highly recommend, if you are looking to connect with your higher-self.


Andrea Zabaleta

Hola soy Andrea Zabaleta de Caracas Venezuela quiero dar testimonio sobre el efecto maravilloso del Reiki Angelico que aplica Giuliana con tanto amor, compromiso y extraordinaria conexion con su equipo Ángeles que la guían y la asisten durante el proceso de sanación, Puedo aportar que después de una hora de experimentar este viaje sanador hubo cambios significativos en mis pensamientos y claridad en bloqueos ocultos a nivel emocional, lo cual permitió tomar consciencia de todo aquello que debo aún sanar y transformar para continuar avanzando. Recomiendo está herramienta para conectar con tu ser, recibiendo la energía amorosa de los Ángeles para equilibrar tus cuerpos energéticos

y transformar tus puntos oscuros en luz y fortaleza

elevar tu vibración en paz, armonía fluyendo con sabiduría los retos de aprendizaje que las circunstancias de vida te coloca para aprender.


Julia Franchino

RECOMIENDO LEVANA MITRA ENORMEMENTE y debajo les contare el por que... preparense! . A ver... no se por donde empezar porque seria muy largo describir lo que la experiencia entera que significo para mi. Nunca antes me habian hecho reiki a la distancia, un dia antes de la sesion hable con Giuliana y no solo me tomo de sorpresa la cercania inmediata que senti en su voz, sus palabras, sino que desde el momento que empezamos a hablar ademas de sentir una gran conexion con ella sucedio que me abri mucho a tal punto de contarle cosas muy personales y profundas, ya que senti una dulzura, empatia y acompanamiento enormes de su parte y justo ahi en el medio de un audio que le estaba mandando por whatssapp comence a sentir el cosquilleo que he sentido cuando anteriormente tuve sesiones de reiki en persona. Hasta este punto para mi ya habia sido una experiencia que hubiese resultado poco creible si por ejemplo alguien me lohubiese contado a mi. Al otro dia en la sesion ella me explico claramente paso a paso como procederia y lo que yo debia hacer. Y para resumir puedo decir con seguridad que fue tan relajante como placentera toda la sesion, al final senti mucha paz, tanto que me llevo unos cuantos minutos sentirme de nuevo en "la realidad". Lo mas significativo e inmenso que agradezco que haya sucedido es que su sesion de reiki me sumergio de manera absoluta en el proceso que venia transitando por dentro, tanta energia se movilizo en mi que durante los dos dias siguientes me senti muy cansada pero a su vez tranquila, sin reprocharme nada y con la paz y seguridad absolutas de sentir que justo asi debia ser, sin darle lugar a la mente (lo cual siempre ha sido un tema dificil de trabajar para mi ). Agradezco inmensamente a Giuliana su vocacion, su apertura, amorosidad y entrega total que tuvo para conmigo y ademas de todo la generosidad de estar ahi presente respondiendome preguntas e interesandose por como me senti durante todo el proceso incluso tiempo despues de la sesion, asi que con toda honestidad y desde lo mas profundo de mi corazon puede decirles que Levana Mitra si es un viaje unico hacia el alma porque a mi me llego, yo lo vivi. Gracias de nuevo Giuliana! eternamente agradecida a tu poder de sanacion y la manera en que lo brindas.

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Carolina Bórquez

Es mi primera experiencia con reiki y más aún con angelic reiki. Realmente no sabía a lo que iba, nada más llegue hacia Giuliana sin expectativas, me entregué a sus habilidades. Fue una experiencia mágica que volvería a repetir y por supuesto que la recomiendo sin dudas. Después de la sesión me he sentido bastante bien, realmente mis peticiones se han visto reflejadas estos días. Gracias de corazón. 


Sabrina Delos Angeles Alvarez

Mi primera sesión de Reiki no pudo ser mejor. Hace tiempo que tenía ganas de experimentar ese mundo y haberlo hecho con Giuliana fue increíble. Desde su amable voz hasta su profesionalismo te ayuda a reencontrarte, a redescubrirte, e incluso a entenderte, sin más, A SANARTE. Estoy muy agradecida por haberla encontrado ya que es una persona que proyecta luz y una apasionada de lo que hace. Si te estas pensando incursionar en este nuevo mundo, Giuliana es la persona indicada, siempre dispuesta a ayudarte, compartiendo sus conocimientos desde la comodidad de tu casa. Gracias por tanto.