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A Unique Journey to The Soul


Hola, I’m Giuliana.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, trauma-informed healer and intuitive reader.

I’m here to guide you towards connecting with your Soul and Spirit through healing. 

Why the Levana Mitra Journey is Unique 

As an informed trauma therapist I bring a unique perspective to the healing process. Having experienced my own journey of healing and transformation, I empathize with my clients on a profound level. I know firsthand the importance of tending to one's mental health and approaching the healing journey with compassion and grounded guidance.

My main priority at Levana Mitra is to take care of my clients by providing them with effective tools and recommendations to heal in a safe and supportive environment. 

I utilize my spiritual gifts and Reiki healing techniques to assist clients in tapping into their inner wisdom and connecting with their soul. This holistic approach allows for a deeper exploration of one's inner self and facilitates a more profound sense of self-discovery, empowerment and healing.

The Purpose of Angelic Reiki 

The primary purpose of Angelic Reiki is to re-awaken us to the knowing of our Divine Self through the intimate presence of Perfect Love. To bring the experience of truly working with Angels and feeling their intimate presence and power.

This is not just a special experience for a gifted few, but an absolute possibility for everyone.

What is an Angel? 

Angels are the Master Programmers of the Main Programme we know as the Universe. Through that guidance, and the healing art of Angelic Reiki, we can positively influence the creative energy systems of any individual or group, according to Divine Will.

The etymology of the word Angel comes from Greek and was held to mean ‘Messenger of the Gods’.

The Greek Gods were primary archetypes, a pattern, design or principle. The human trait of anthropomorphism (Wikipedia: the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities) invites us to picture and even believe that Angels are being with human form. This information can be disconcerting at first, but when we appreciate that we are the architects of our world and not just the subjects, it is empowering.

We do not perceive Angels as beings of higher spiritual talents but as matrices of information.

What is a Healing? 

First and foremost, healing is an invitation to remember. It goes beyond being merely a step on the road to improvement; rather, it offers a glimpse of our ultimate destination – a place of love and freedom.

Discovering and embracing inner peace empowers individuals to lead enriched lives and confront any challenge with the inherent wisdom and strength that reside within.

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