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"After having my session of Reiki I felt full of love and light, I felt very grounded. All my worries, stress and anxiety had gone away. Giuliana is amazing at what she does and gave me advice I needed to help heal myself, I also experienced astral projection from feeling so open. I can’t believe this was possible for me also."

- Isabella

"Giuliana is a talented healer with a beautiful gift that I was blessed enough to received. She performed a distant Angelical Reiki session followed by a tarot reading. As a Reiki practitioner, I am used to energy works and to my delight, I had a powerful healing experience with Giuliana. I literally felt floating in an ocean of loving waves during the whole session. The connection between me and her felt like a soothing flow, yet powerful. This was confirmed when she offered me her visions and impression from the session. The tarot reading came then as a perfect complement to get more insights about the healing that I received. She is highly intuitive and can communicate her thoughts very clear. I definitely got more clarity after the session, and even two hours later I am still "high on reiki." I would recommend Giuliana's work to anyone who needs a bit more of calm, clarity and love in their lives. From the very beginning, she will guide you and help you to set the right space for you to heal. I felt so safe and comfortable, because she did everything (and more) to offer me that space. Thank you very much Giuliana!"

- Daniela

"Dear Giuliana, As you know, I am a difficult customer <3 as I have years of experience in energy work. When you offered me an Angelic Reiki session I jumped at the opportunity to receive this gift without any expectations. The idea of Reiki and Tarot was also really attractive. My body is very familiar with responding to energy work. You in Auckland, me on the Kapiti Coast. I relaxed into our session and within minutes my body started shaking (which it does when energy flows through it). This happened a couple of times. My observer part was watching the process and taking notes.I had a general sense of wellbeing and that things had 'moved'. I stayed in a place of integration as the session finished and found your feedback really helpful. It was 80% accurate which in my books, is high! To have it confirmed with the tarot card reading was really nice (also because the reading was lovely). I certainly feel you have a gift for doing this and will not hesitate recommending you to people I know. Have a fabulous time on this journey. Thank you again."

- Jaqueline 

"I have known Giu for about 3 years, I can say that she is my human spiritual guide and that she accompanied me in a huge transformation process after having lived through a toxic and traumatic relationship.

Today, after my great personal work with Giuliana, I met a new partner from whom I learned a lot in a healthy way and I was able to notice my progress and growth and where I was able to set healthy limits and have the best communication.  My new partner had never done a reiki before and so we did a Reiki for couples and it was the best experience I had ever had.  For him it was incredible.  We were both amazed by the experience and after that we had a beautiful talk that aligned us as couples to adjust our misunderstandings.

I really recommend REIKI FOR COUPLES! Thank you."

- Betiana

You can find more testimonials on my Google page.

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