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12 Magical Nights, make this Christmas a magical one!

Hello, everyone! 😄 As we eagerly anticipate the joy of Yule (Christmas), I'm thrilled to introduce a heartwarming ritual that can add a touch of magic to your holiday season—the "12 Magical Nights." Here's how it unfolds:

Before embarking on this enchanting journey, take a moment to set a positive intention. As you begin on the 20th of December, pen down 13 wishes on 13 small pieces of paper, envisioning the positive events you hope to see unfold in 2024. Before placing them into the jar, ask that these wishes be for your highest good and the good of all involved.

Carefully fold each wish and place them into the jar. Now, let the enchantment begin.

Starting on the 20th, every night, draw one wish at random from the jar without peeking. Take a moment to burn it, symbolizing the release of your desire into the universe, or whatever higher power holds meaning for you—whether it be God, Angels, or another force.

Continue this nightly ritual for 12 nights, burning a wish each time. However, there's a twist on the 13th night. Instead of burning the wish, unfold and read it. This final wish is unique—it's yours to bring to life. Craft a thoughtful plan and work towards making it a reality throughout the upcoming year. 😊

May all your wishes come true with love and harmony within this universe.

Wishing everyone a magical season!

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