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Distant Angelic Reiki therapy 60 min

  • 1 hour
  • 134 New Zealand dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

There are many ways to connect with your spiritual side, one of them is through Angelic Reiki therapy. What is Angelic Reiki? Angelic Reiki is the healing and expansion of one’s consciousness through a safe, natural, high frequency, and multidimensional system. This method of healing is extremely powerful as it works at a Soul level. While the treatment takes place, both the practitioner and the recipients are connected to pure and divine energies in the Angelic Kingdom of Light. How Does it Work? Connecting at a Soulful level allows very high vibrational energies of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Healers to come together and help you heal from the inside out. This form of healing releases imbalances that occur physically, ancestrally, emotionally and karmically. The magic behind this healing, is that it can commence whether you and the practitioner meet face to-face, or are connected over a large distance.

24 hours in advance for a refund

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me 24 hours in advance, thank you!

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