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Did you know that you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones using an image? ❤

This is one of my favourite

techniques ❤. Whenever you find yourself trapped in your mind, just look at a picture or image that brings you joy. Close your eyes and visualize that image with as much detail as you can using your third eye. Allow that image to sink in and bring all the positive feelings to your body. I personally love animals and nature, so my phone is full of those images 😊. Once you bring your mind to a state of balance and peace, you can revisit whatever was bothering or worrying you from a place of calmness and take the right steps to find more peace. This part is really important, as this technique is meant to take you out of the fight or flight response, but not to avoid what needs healing or attention. It's important to remember that usually when something gives us anxiety or fear, it's our body and soul trying to show us which part of us needs healing ❤

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