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The Illusion of the Spiritual Ego

Today, I want to explore the concept of the spiritual ego. As we progress on our spiritual journey, we often experience healing, overcome obstacles, and achieve our goals. Our intuition becomes stronger, guiding us towards our highest good. However, it's crucial not to fall into the illusion of the third eye (illusion is what blocks the third eye).

What do I mean by this? Our intuition is deeply personal, shaped by our experiences, including our ancestor's experiences that have been encoded in our nervous system. For instance, if your intuition tells you not to trust someone, it may be because that person's energy feels misaligned with yours. However, your friend may have a different experience and feel that it's okay to trust that person.

At times, when a friend trusts and something unfortunate happens, we may fall into the ego trap of thinking, 'I know better than you; you shouldn't trust that person.' However, we may not realize that their soul has chosen that spiritual lesson. If a person decides to ignore your advice, it's important to respect their decision.

Reflect on the lessons of your life. How have they made you wiser? When we walk our journey with others, we allow them to have their wisdom, and we can learn from that wisdom. We are all different, with different stories and perceptions.

It's like when a person has a test, and you do it for them. Yes, they may get a good score, but you make them dependent on you. If something happens, they will not have the tools to confront that situation.

It's crucial not to project your story onto others. While you may know your path, you do not know theirs. If someone comes to you for guidance or healing, offer your advice and share your insights, but always respect their individual perception. What resonates with them is their truth, and what doesn't is simply not meant for them.

Learning to guide and advise without imposing is key. Respect others' free will and allow them to make their own choices. Remember, your story is yours alone—it is not the story of another. Practice being a guiding light, offering advice only when asked, and respecting the autonomy of others on their spiritual journey.

I also want to clarify that there are some situations where you feel guided to act. For example, when I worked in a cosmetic clinic, I had a friend who was a therapist. One day, a client came in and his energy was off. My friend felt it too. Although nothing happened, I listened to my intuition and took all possible steps to ensure she was safe. It's super important to take care of each other, especially when we feel someone may be in danger.

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Thank you for sharing this Giuliana, it’s so true ☺️

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