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Embracing the Light: A Personal Perspective on Reiki, Love, and Spiritual Pathways

Updated: Mar 4

Hello beautiful souls,

Today, I feel called to address a topic that's been weighing on my heart. Lately, I've noticed an unfortunate trend of videos and discussions portraying Reiki in a negative light. I want to share my perspective on this matter.

Each of us walks a unique spiritual path, shaped by our individual experiences and beliefs. For some, this path is guided by organized religion, while others, like myself, find their connection to the divine through personal exploration and understanding.

The idea of Reiki being labeled as evil may stem from a lack of understanding or fear of the unknown. When we undergo Reiki attunements, we open ourselves to the frequencies of love and light, which can bring to the surface hidden fears and shadows. This process can be intimidating, as it challenges us to confront aspects of ourselves and the world that we may have previously ignored or denied. It reminds me of Carl Jung's insightful words, "People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul."

From my own journey, I've learned that facing these shadows can lead to profound personal growth and transformation. It can awaken within us a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. As we heal and integrate these aspects of ourselves, we begin to realize our true potential and the spiritual gifts that lie within us.

There have been moments on my own path where doubt and fear crept in, causing me to question whether I was on the right track. But I refused to let fear hold me back, and I continued to embrace the healing journey. Through this, I've come to deeply believe in the inherent goodness and light within humanity.

While it's true that darkness exists in the world, often manifesting as trauma and unresolved pain, I believe that by addressing and healing our inner shadows, we can contribute to healing the collective wounds of society. This is something that can be observed through the study of the nervous system and how trauma impacts individuals and communities.

My advice to those on their spiritual journey is to trust your heart. Seek out paths that resonate with love, compassion, and unity, and that uplift and empower you to be the best version of yourself. Avoid those that seek to divide, promote fear, or spread hate. Remember, the ultimate truth is love, and by walking in the light, we can help illuminate the darkness in the world.


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