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Full Moon in Leo tomorrow, 26/1/24!

Full Moon in Leo tomorrow, 26/1/24! This Full Moon brings beautiful and empowering energy, making it perfect to charge and cleanse all your magical tools. Whether you have crystals, tarot/oracle cards, pendulums, etc., this night is ideal for charging and cleansing them. Simply place them where the moonlight can shine upon them. 😊 You can also cleanse and charge yourself, as the moon has amazing properties to enhance psychic abilities.

The Full Moon in Leo is perfect for healing self-esteem and overcoming the fear of shining your light. It radiates positive energy, making it an ideal time to heal the heart chakra. Consider incorporating a meditation, such as the one linked and indulge in a cleansing bath with Epsom salts, light some incense, and why not dance under the full moon? 🌕💃

Additionally, this Full Moon is ideal for a Reiki healing session. If you feel it will help, contact your practitioner or book one here. 😇💖 Sending everyone lots of love and Angel blessings! 😇💖

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