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4 Important concepts to not lose yourself:

♥ "Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love means having a high regard for your well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve."

♥ "Self-trust means consistently staying true to yourself. At its very core, trusting yourself means you look after your own needs and safety. You treat yourself with love and compassion, rather than strive for perfection. You know, deep down, that you can survive difficulties (and you refuse to give up on yourself)."

♥ "Self-respect is defined as holding yourself in esteem and believing that you are good and worthy of being treated well."

♥ "Self-loyalty means that, to the greatest extent possible, you don't lie to yourself, you don't perpetually put your own needs on the back burner for the benefit of someone else, you don't try to ignore or rather run from your problems."

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