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4 Key Concepts for Staying True to Yourself:

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

♥ Self-Love: A state of appreciating and valuing oneself that arises from actions that enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. It means having a deep concern for your own happiness and well-being and not compromising your own needs to please others. Self-love means never settling for less than you deserve.

♥ Self-Trust: Staying true to yourself and relying on your own instincts and judgement. At its core, self-trust means taking care of your own needs and safety and treating yourself with love and kindness, instead of striving for perfection. It means knowing deep down that you have the strength to overcome difficulties and never giving up on yourself.

♥ Self-Respect: Holding yourself in high esteem and recognizing that you are good and deserving of being treated with respect.

♥ Self-Loyalty: Being honest with yourself, not neglecting your own needs for the benefit of others, and facing your challenges head-on, rather than running from them. This means being faithful to yourself to the greatest extent possible.

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