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Dark feminine energy

Updated: Jan 9

Dark feminine energy is a powerful and often misunderstood force. 🦉

🕷It is the energy of the shadow, the repressed and denied aspects of the feminine psyche. It is the energy of mystery, depth, and intricacy, it holds the key to transformation and healing.

Dark feminine energy is often associated with the goddesses of the underworld, such as Persephone and Ereshkigal, these goddesses represent the cycle of death and rebirth. It is the energy of the shadow self, which contains all of the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected or denied. 🤍

The dark feminine is often feared, misunderstood, and seen as a source of negativity and destruction. However, when embraced and integrated, the dark feminine can be a powerful source of wisdom, creativity and deep healing.

By embracing and integrating the dark feminine, we can tap into our inner wisdom and power, and we can learn to navigate the shadow aspects of ourselves with compassion and grace. 🖤🤍

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