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Healing the witch wound

"The Witch Wound is an inherited, collective trauma that is rooted in the dark history of the Burning Times, and that manifests as a fear of being seen, speaking up, and stepping into your full magic and power."

-Celeste Larsen

6 tips to heal the witch wound:

Actions steps:

• Meditation and prayer, call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to support you in healing your bloodline and show you the right steps toward healing the witch wound.

• Positive affirmations, think about how would you act if the fear wasn't there anymore and transform it into a powerful affirmation.

• Past lives regressions, past lives meditation, Angelic reiki.


• Place a piece of Petrified wood under your pillow, this stone is amazing to remember past lives and heal them, and Yess you can do this while you sleep.

-Cleanse this stone often or pair it with selenite so it's always cleansed and charged.

• Meditate with apatite, Angelite, and labradorite to heal psychic wounds.

• Keep a hematite and black obsidian with you to protect you while releasing old wounds.

❤ If you are interested in a powerful guided meditation to heal this wound please send me a message and I will share my favourite guided meditation.

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