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How can you recognize when you're grounded?

For me, the clearest indicator is when you're attuned to your own needs and take steps to address them. For example, when we forget to eat or stay hydrated or when we become overly absorbed in external matters, it's a sign that we may be ungrounded. On the other hand, being grounded brings a heightened awareness of our needs. We might think, "I'm feeling cold, so I'll put on a jacket," or "I'm overwhelmed, so I'll take a walk." This grounded state involves feeling fully present in your body.

In this state, you can sense your body in the chair or your feet firmly on the ground, and you engage with the present moment using all your senses. In contrast, when we're ungrounded, our thoughts tend to wander to the past or the future. It's akin to feeling disconnected from our physical selves, which can lead to heightened distractibility and difficulty concentrating.

To maintain my grounded state, I make an effort to stay connected with my senses and the environment around me. I also regularly ask myself, "What do I need right now?" and "What actions can I take?" 😊

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